Great game, love the visuals, feels, and gameplay.
This is just something that I feel should be noted in future patches

AI in coop when the objective is destroyed / captured / defended should be forced to retreat from the area and regroup setting up ambush points further away from the respawn zones.

Waiting to respawn after having teammates complete the objective only to die within moments of respawning is a very frustrating experience, especially if teammates are struggling to complete the objective.

Instances of why forced retreat should be made.

  • Instance one:

    Within moments of respawning I already met and enemy and have to return fire immediately. This case was less severe as the enemy had their back to me.

  • Instance two:

    After respawning I am leaving the area, I hear pistol shots but ignore them since there's always the occasional person who wants to test out their gun. I am shot and check the chat to see if someone was griefing me, it was not and there was an enemy waiting behind after I left the respawn zone.

  • Instance three:

    Shortly after capturing the objective, I respawn my team. An AI driving a technical does not immediately get out and tries to retreat with the technical. After getting out of the technical, the AI re-enters the gunner seat of another technical and would have wiped the recently respawned team had my teammates not responded quick enough.

This is just my two cents on a relatively small issue in Coop.