After Selecting Male to Female,

I lost all my unlocked customization. I can't access it from my saved presets.

Sometimes it pops up and glitches back, but if you navigate to the specific item you unlocked, it still shows as unlocked. I somewhat got refunded some credits but it wasn't enough to buy everything back. I think I still lack 700? For shoes and glasses

I got digital dpm soft padded gloves from a drop, the rest were grinded out.
Sand Headset Cans, Digital Desert Camo, Low Cut Dark Brown Lightweight shoes, Combat pants, Non-folded combat shirt, eyewear black.

Though if I relog in, I see them back. However if I try to customize they vanish. Can this still be fixed? I already deleted profile.sav. It sucks if it means I would lose my grinded out items just because of a glitch.