Stutter and lag

It's worse than ever... Anyone else?

Edit: So I turned texture pool to low and it seems to have fixed my issue.

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no lagg no studdering atm

Man I wish this is the worst it's been for me.

Try to reduce the texture quality and shadows. Shadows is what decreases performance strongly here.

Although the game's reported frame rates are great (90-120), the frametimes are terrible (20-40ms), so the game isn't smooth at all - looks like I'm playing at <40 FPS.

Even tried deleting the game folder inside Appdata. No luck.

For measure, my computer runs Battlefield 1 on 1080p ULTRA settings (everything turned on/maxed out) at 90-120 FPS, silky smooth.

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I'm good now I'm running on ultra 1440p with shadows low and texture poll low I average 100fps.

Keep in mind that the graphics options definately have different effects on different machines. Some have better CPU's, or more RAM, or better GPU's, some have loads of shit running in the background, some aren't aware of whatever limitations or actual performance their systems have, and all of that affects performance with different options differently.

So I suggest you try the Low preset as a baseline and then adjust options to your liking if that runs ok, one option at a time. I have the feeling this preset changes a bit more than what's available via the other options, it seems to have given a good boost to me and others. Texture pool seems a highly subjective option for reasons as mentioned above. Some suggest high, some suggest low, but nobody really seems to know why this runs so differently here and there (i get stutter on high too, though).

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