Hi all, a few suggestions with regards to current multiplayer, note I will not mentioning balancing at all in this post. Here is hoping the devs are watching !

First, let us see which faction we are facing before we pick our ships and skills !! This is my NUMERO UNO request. The dev team have put some fantastic work into creating loads of different ship types as well as different abilities, allow us to put them to use !! By not allowing us to see which faction we are facing before picking our fleet you are forcing us to pick 'the most versatile' fleet composition, upgrades and abilities. Eventually this will lead to a single 'meta list' of ships that are viable for each faction thus reducing variety and in turn enjoyment. Making decisions in the few minutes before the game starts on what kind of ships you want to bring, what armament you want them to have, etc... based on your opponent is part of the fun, just like the tabletop, and would add a whole new layer of depth and skill to the game.

Second, some different game modes could be easily implemented. I wholeheartedly approve of the switch away from the monotonous annihilation game mode of BFGA I. But having every game revolve around the same 5 tiny capture points every time will eventually get tedious. Game modes of capture/destroy the enemy starbase or contest a single capture point in the middle of the map would add so much replay-ability to the game.

Third, allow us queue for games of different sizes. Some of us love huge scale battles where each fleet 1200+ points to pick 10+ ships. But for others the micromanagement can be overwhelming and they would prefer to play games with 800 points and 2-3 ships of the line + escorts for example. Again, variety is the spice of life.

Fourth let us name our ships. Nuff said.

Fifth, give us an incentive to progress past the level 10 for each faction at which point you have unlocked each and every skill ability that faction has to offer. This incentive can be purely cosmetic so as to not affect balance like the favors of BFGA I. An idea would be to allow us to unlock named characters from the lore as the captains of our fleets after we reach certain levels past 10. When you enter a battle you instantly recognize that Blood Angels player X has significant experience with the faction as he has Commander Dante leading his fleet.

Sixth, in same vein, let us play with famous ships in multiplayer. From the fantastic prologue [SPOILERS] I can tell you've already bothered to make the models for the Phalanx and the Vengeful Spirit... so put them to use in Multiplayer !! [END OF SPOILERS] And others such as Macragge's Honor, the Terminus Est, the Conqueror... this list goes on an the ships I'd imagine can be whipped up and naturally balanced using the points system.

Seventh, a metric defining one's skill in multiplayer. A leaderboard with W/L, Win % etc... would be the basic solution. However a Bronze 3 to Gold 1 kind of system could also be pretty cool and would help keep newbies away from the experienced players so they don't get immediately slaughtered in a game with a pretty steep learning curve.

Eighth, a lobby to host custom battles and tournaments/leagues ?

I'd love to hear the views of other players as what they would like implemented before the game is released !

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