The campaign missions were amazing, I like the story so far. The game play felt great, similar to BFGA1 but improved. I liked how the Space Wolves from prior in game play, who boarded the Chaos vessel, were still aboard fighting helping the new ships you were controlling turning off their shields like Obi-Won Kenobi, fitting to the pack. The revealed Necron mystery to be discovered and possible alliance was sick, the overall plot has me immersed, and chaos went no holds barred doing everything they can to destroy that planet, as the Imperium was going hard too, trying to defend it. It felt like a war fitting the Warhammer universe. Looking forward to more, and anticipating how The Green Tide makes their appearance.

From what multiplayer I have played, Orks feel fun, I like the Giant Rok ships. Orks in BFGA1 were hit with a nerf hammer from hell at one point, and most of the boyz left unfortunately at that time, due to limitations brought forth in gameplay from the great hammer. I hope they remain in a good and fun place balance wise this time around. The hammer was rectified for sure in time but damage was done. I enjoy ramming through ships using the big red button on great Ork machinery filled with da boyz ready to board, and hitting the enemy with hard hitting cannon weaponry right now, bringing the fight to them with lots of dakka like a Warboss should. Dakka! Dakka! Dakka! Definitely feels like Orks, as with Bfga1, but with nice new stuff and feels, some I've yet to discover.

Necrons felt weak, oddly squishy. They should be more along the lines of an immovable object with devastatingly advanced ancient weaponry. I am quite pleased that they are in the game, the ancient warriors. They were one of my favorite aspects of Dawn of War: The Dark Crusade

Nova cannons are perhaps absurd again, does not seem like they require much skill, and they win entire matches. They appear cheesy against the various factions I have played. Nova users click a button whereas the defender has to input much more in response to likely no avail, sacrificing cooldowns and taking great damage, and they do it safely from a mile away. Then again I have not played Eldar, I can see them having an easier time with it. Maybe the time in which the opponent has to respond to a nova blast should be increased, the circle fills slower, or the damage be incredibly reduced. Or perhaps that only 1 ship has it available, like the flagship, and it that instance boost the damage.

I have not experienced much Eldar yet, Dark Eldar, Space Marines, or Tyranids. I did play some Tyranids and I like how they start in stealth, I enjoyed them and their new found presence in the game, can't comment on balance but the fleet was truly Tyranid in style, combat, and feel. In every warhammer game I play, like Dawn of War 2, I dislike fighting the Eldar and their fighting style, but I enjoying smashing those gitz when you catch them. I haven't come across them in beta but hopefully catching them is plausible. They were op strong in bfga1 for a time with their damage from what I recall, but they were then patched. "Awwwww, it's Eldar! You can send 'alf da boyz 'ome!"

I like the chapter options with Space Marines, like Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Fists, Blood Angels, etc... As with other races as well, like the Ork Clans. Can't comment on Marine balance but the one match I played I won as the Space Wolves and they seem to be again represented well.

I played some of the noble Tau and vsed some Tau and they appeared correct, squishy but hit like trucks from a distance, great technology. I played the merchant fleet, and went up against a protector. The protector seemed stronger.

What little qualms I have are just that, little, and can easily be adjusted before release. I'm sure that they will and would have been. Technical glitches and the like, like crashes and errors in the loading screen, when matches are found. I trust the balance by the team will be taken with consideration and handled appropriately, the balance seems good now for the most part.

Overall I'm happy with the game. I thought I would provide what input I could at this moment during the beta. Thanks for another dope Warhammer game Focus, I'm looking forward to what is to come and enjoying what time is left of the beta.

Oi! All you Umie gitz, Spikey gitz, Fish 'eadz, Tin 'eadz, Bug Gribblies, and Pointy ear panzee gitz are gonna get et! Green is best! Smash! Chomp! Stomp! Waaaaaghhh!!!!