Editor crashing when creating game Media path

0_1517340943433_image.PNG I've just started trying to make a map following Nix_909's tutorial and the whole thing crashes when I install the Media path. Anyone got any ideas why?

First, try verifying both Mudrunner and the Editor game files. I have not had a crash at the game media install, seems quite abrupt.

Then try installing it again and see what happens.

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Ok, thanks. I'm really new to this.

Not a problem, take your time. I hope it works. I know how frustrating it can be.

Mudrunner = love/hate relationship.

(0_1517341905129_374e82ce-2120-480e-96da-8c63f1616b74-image.pngOh shit it worked! Before, everything was black. Thanks, man!

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Fantastic! Enjoy it mate. Sometimes the simple things, veryifying files etc solve all the problems!