Rank gone!!!

Yesterday, all of a sudden, the rank has been erased.
Worked pretty hard for that rank. This is a deal breaker!
Rank is a major achievement in the game.
What is going on? Will the rank be restored?

No. Ranks are reset on release. Try the search function next time, this has been brough up many times already.

"This is the progress wipe that was described in previous posts, to prepare the game for full release. You'll receive 1000 credits + 50% of what you had before, as well as an exclusive beta player tattoo."

That was relevant for Betas.
Not only did I not get even a fraction of the rank, I surely did not get any points / badges.
In any case, the rank wipe happened quite some time after the initial full version release.
Therefore, I do not see this wide as consistent with others in the past.
They should have notified about it up front. Rank is an important achievement.
If beta was free, I would not have anything to say about that.
We have paid for their development of the game and should not be treated in such manner.

I was up there myself. Your point about paying to play is valid in my opinion, but don't think its going to help. Hate to see anyone quit over it though. Game is fun.

I believe it was due to it being beta, but my rank dropped from 14 to 3. I had other mates that were rank 5, he's still at 5 & played alot less than me. Another mate had his rank drop from 10 to only 7!

I understand when they all drop to Rank 1, but it's unacceptable when people who have played the game for less time, now have a higher rank!