We are releasing a patch to address some issues and perform some final polish to the game before release tomorrow.

New Content

  • Added a new “Ready Up” system for competitive matchmaking.
  • Added new player level icon for when surpassing level 999.
  • Added a new advanced video option “Keep Loaded Textures” which will prevent textures from de-loading. This option requires a lot of VRAM so should be used with caution and only on high tier machines.
  • Added new third person jump animations.
  • Added remaining Lesson video tutorials.
  • Added “Paper Plane” Tattoo for Security, and “Geometric A”, “Geometric B”, “Sword and Flowers” Tattoos for Insurgents.


  • Improved hitching related to air support vehicles first spawning in.
  • Optimized eyebrow textures.
  • Optimized Insurgent pattern textures.
  • Optimized Security camo textures.
  • Optimized cosmetic ID textures.
  • Optimized Support Helicopter textures.
  • Optimized weapon LOD profiles with bone reductions.
  • Rebuilt all LODs for characters with proper bone LOD settings.
  • Rebuilt all LODs for all 3P weapons and weapon upgrades with proper bone LOD settings.
  • Optimized master materials and material instances.
  • Optimized vehicle textures and destroyed vehicle textures.

Visual Improvements

  • Player cosmetic loading will now begin in the Loadout menu and not at spawn. This should reduce cases of players initially spawning with missing cosmetics on slower HDDs.
  • Fixed visually illuminating foliage bug.
  • Improved consistency of normal scope experience across all weapons.
  • Updated soft padding glove cosmetic textures.

Bug Fixes

  • Potential fix to address the loss of input when transitioning between maps on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the ready animations from playing on weapons fully.
  • Fixed an issue with the weapon not showing in the players hands in third person if equipped with an under barrel grenade launcher.
  • Fixed an issue where third person world models would not always show the correct attachments.
  • Fixed and issue where weapon attachments would not always show reliably in the Loadout menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon model would occasionally disappear from the soldiers hands in the Class select menu.
  • Fixed an issue in the Tutorial Level where players could pick up the weapon instead of scavenging it as instructed.
  • Fixed an issue causing the third person vaulting animation to not always properly trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where a weapon model could be seen at the player’s feet when using an under barrel grenade launcher.
  • Fixed an issue where smoke grenades would trigger the Incoming Grenade VO response.
  • Fixed a localization overflow on the post match cosmetic badge UI element.
  • Fixed an issue with the Security gas mask texture.
  • Fixed an issue where smoke mortar projectiles would sometimes be left in the world after detonation.
  • Fixed improper player level colors in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed the round start music from playing during the Tutorial Level when you respawn.
  • Fixed an issue where fire support reminder and available lines would play during the Tutorial Level.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nvidia Highlights button would not be hidden in the game menu when set to to not activated.
  • Fixed a startup process for Nvidia Highlights which would prompt some users to give permission to Nvidia to record highlights.
  • Fixed an issue with the fire support indicator which would prevent it from showing under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where key action hints and Lesson hints would not show the correctly bound key if the user selected the alternative toggle or hold version of the default action.
  • Fixed a typo in the advanced video settings.
  • Fixed an issue causing foliage in certain maps to be overbright.
  • Fixed an issue where the vaulting prompt icon would not show.
  • Fixed multiple issue with the video setting menu in regards to resetting and saving behaviours.
  • Fixed a localization overflow issue with the matchmaking progress UI element.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Versus Firefight match length adjustments:
    • 4 rounds total.
    • Team swap every 2 rounds.
    • Win limit 3 rounds.
  • Reduced the number of fire support rounds fired for:
    • Explosive Artillery
    • Smoke Artillery
    • Chemical Mortars
    • Explosive Mortars
    • Smoke Mortars
    • Rocket Barrage
  • Reduced vehicle usage in Push to only spawn one vehicle at the start of the round, and another if the attacking team runs out of waves while still attacking the first objective.
  • Vehicle impact deaths should now trigger the gruesome death VO response.
  • Slightly increased overhand grenade throw range.
  • Lowered the density of glass to allow for easier bullet penetration.
  • Reduced vehicle glass health slightly.
  • Disallowed players to jump while priming and throwing grenades.
  • Smoothed out transitions for third person strafe animations.

AI Improvements

  • Bot “zeroing in” now begins when they start firing at their enemy, instead of when they first see an enemy. This fixes bots becoming too accurate too quickly, resulting in unfair and unpredictable deaths.
  • Increase accuracy of bots when they are “zeroed in”, ensuring they always kill a player they have been aiming at for long enough.

User Experience Improvements

  • Auto profile in the video setting menu should now be more accurate when suggesting video settings for the player.
  • Automatic benchmark should now run propery the first time the game is run.
  • Admin menu should now list the correct map names.
  • Updated the server browser caution message to better inform players of differing experience when playing on unofficial servers.
  • Updated translations for all supported languages with various bug fixes and improvements to the localization.
    Map Balance & Fixes


  • Reduced memory footprint for loading static meshes.
  • Fixed players able to hide in some large scatter rocks on Push Security A.
  • Smoothed out bot navigation.
  • Increased number of bot cover positions to eliminate potential AI spawn issues.


  • Reduced memory footprint for loading static meshes.
  • Fixed spawn camping issues on Security Firefight West spawn.
  • Restricted access for an out of bounds area.
  • Adjusted vehicle insertion path on Checkpoint Insurgents.
  • Fixed several minor issues.


  • Reduced memory footprint for loading static meshes.
  • Fixed fence materials.
  • Fixed an issue where the player had to jump at the top of the stairs.


  • Reduced memory footprint for loading static meshes.
  • Adjusted Push Insurgents and Push Security restricted areas.
  • Reduced particles on the main Market street to address performance issues.
  • Smoothed out bot navigation.
  • Adjusted insertion vehicle path on Checkpoint Insurgents.


  • Reduced memory footprint for loading static meshes
  • Fixed a bug where player could vault through an awning.
  • Fixed a restricted area so players won’t think it is a flank on Push Insurgents.
  • Adjusted restricted areas in Firefight East, Push Insurgents, Push Security, and Skirmish.
  • Fixed several minor issues.


  • Reduced memory footprint for loading static meshes.
  • Fixed an issue with a supply cache on Checkpoint Insurgents.