You've ruined mouse sensitivity again.

So you kept all our keybinds but the mouse sensitivity you just up n thrown out the window and changed it to be even more complicated than it was before, now neither my insurgency numbers, or orignal sandstorm numbers work and i must rely on a third party website to decypher your mess of a system so i can have a mouse sensitivity that feels right as trying to fine tune it with the mess you've put in the settings is as futile as resisting the borg.

You've implemented a stupid anti tk system which actually promotes forcibly tking people and those who tk you aren't punished if they do "insignificant" damage yet still cause your death, i.e makarov bullet or half a toz flachette.

Perfomance is still trash, there is no flashlight still, and you've not added a back button to the appearance menu while you're in queue.

Can i get a refund via steam still? I pre-ordered expecting good things, was patient in the closed and open beta, but the game is just getting worse.

wtf are u talking about cry baby game is good

Well some things NWI definitely could have done better but you cannot just bash on developers like this on a discussion forum
This game released just yesterday.. more things are to come..

You guys think that a game has to be "absolute perfect" on release day ?
Dream on boys !
Give us just one gametitle that was perfect on release day and which has never been patched or bug fixed after ?
You can´t because there is not a single one.

NWI is a smal team with beginners experience on Unreal Engine 4.
They learn every day and software development is not an easy job.

If you guys don´t like the game, i´t´s mechanics and atmosphere, it´s o.k., apply for a refund and bye bye !
But if you like the game as it is, and you´re just having little problems here and there, for gods sake give the devs time to fix that !
It might even take another year to solve severe problems, but i don´t see such in the moment.
Mouse sensitivity is something very subjective.
I never had any trouble with it. To be honest, nothing has changed to my mouse sensitivity since it switched from Beta to official release.

Adults behave different, this sounds like a teenager whining to me.

@depleted Let me know if you actually figure out how to convert your sensitivity from Source to this game. I'm sick of my aim getting thrown off every time I switch to or from Sandstorm.