[Feedback] darkmatter thingy and stasis bombs

the dark eldar warpstorm skill being a instantly active aoe that slows down might make it synergise too well with stasis bombs
the slow down makes it impossible for some factions to dodge the stasis aoe, making it impossible to escape the storms damage aoe

this might have to be looked at
my suggestion would just be to replace the deldar stasis bomb with something different as the slowdown of their storm already achieves a similar effect in a unique and darkeldary way
having the double effect that synergizes so well with each other and the dark eldars strengths with no way to escape or dodge is too much in my opinion
and since its a copy of a skill thats already on so many factions it would be best to not have it on deldar

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apon closer examination the problem might just be the darkmatter skill itself
originally faced it with orks assuming my slow escape was because i was orks and i had the hp to tank the damage
faced it with chaos today and escape was as slow and i lost one and a half cruiser before getting out and being able to fight back
its too much