Doors insta kill even when at the side, unrealistic AOE effect.

I think the door mechanic is a "good idea" but insta killing is NOT. make it so its just people actually infront of the door and not 1m to the side. And a much better and realistic idea is to knock you over, strip all of your guns from your player just leaving your knife in your hand so you have atleast a chance to react with a knife kill? I think this would be really good. Or even just knock you over into a down but not out stage, anything than just unrealisticly instantly killing you..

I noticed this too. Standing to the side of the door where you have no physical contact with a breached door will kill you. It makes no sense since the door doesn't actually touch you yet you still get killed. This also means you can't hide behind the side of the door once its breached because of a kill radius, ive noticed this in the map hideout in Obj. A COOP 2nd floor insurgent side.

I don't think it's totally unreasonable. Though it's not realistic, afterall this is a game and there are many things they can't make it too realistic in games. Otherwise it would be too boring and frustrating to play.
Personally think it adds drama to the gameplay, killing a guy behind a door lol
We can speak realistically as well because no one will stand in front of a door while getting ambushed in real life either.