I noticed a new graphics issue after the latest update before the open beta on Friday. Some trees, power lines, and other assets display a white lines along the edges... It looks like TAA jitter, however, it's present when using MSAA too. I also noticed it on some of the reflections in car windows, taillights, and other surfaces displaying very high contrast reflections. I'm not sure if you guys are aware of it already, but if not, I've included a few screen shots.

Note: I'm using clean ini files, everything is vanilla. I tried all in-game settings without results... Nvidia drivers are up-to-date, Steam verified files, and everything else checks out good. I even tested it on a second machine and observe the same issue.

PS: I just noticed it's almost in the same area of my FOV (close to center)... Maybe it's possibly a radial blur or DOF issue? I dunno... Well, good luck with the launch tomorrow, looking forward to it.




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