Fix Helos in Coop

Honestly, they are shit. The gunship is really supposed to be the most powerful of the air support. And rightfully so, rockets, HE auto cannon. So why is it that they very often only get 1-3 kills then bug out or get instantly shot down. I understand why they may be less powerful in PVP but PVE, theres no good reason for it. It should hang around for 90 odd seconds and provide actual useful support. Or perhaps let us call in some kind of helo/A10 as well as arty at the same time. Why cant they for example target technicals? with the autocannon? Surely a couple of rounds is enough to destroy it? Or the fact that the bots aim is so stupidly good that they cannot possibly miss a moving helo a few hundred meters away. It makes no sense and its vastly frustrating.

Apache arives
This is assassin, firing rockets
rockets hit rooftops
fires 5 rounds next to an insurgent
It seems they are invincible
Well better go home then...