Observer class discussion

Currently when I play observer I often find myself morphing more and more into the commanders bodyguard. This is good as he has his binoculars strapped to his dome half the time (not complaining just giving commanders a hard time) So with that being said I would like to discuss ideas with NWI about looking at that class PLEASE as (DIRECT support in protection of another individual and myself) if the commander and they usually are farther to the rear is ever flanked I believe we should have weapons that unload fast and are for close combat. (in short give observers submachine guns.)

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haha I thought so too. Good observers=commanders body guard=lots of airsupport kills = win
You gotta know though; observers capture sites twice as fast. With that said, observers with submachine guns can wipe out the site and capture all by himself. It will defeat the purpose of having breacher class.
NWI probably knows this and balanced it out it seems like.
M4 has some good fire rate so I don't complain personally.

@sam_kdr only one way to find out.

Beta was when they should have tested it out to be honest. Game developers can’t be adding new contents and then experiment and see where it takes them in Alpha like another game.. like fortnite