Immersion - Sandstorm is not so immersive

I have an issue with the first person camera.

No l e g s

What's with this silly trend of not allowing us to see our legs? Like, we're not floating cameras without a goddamn body, ffs.

Also, the pistol running animation is stupid.

I'm sure you'll get over it.

Hahaha, i also want this, im pretty sure theyll add it down the line its just right now not in their priorities list i suppose, as well with animation improvements.

@freedn Yeah :l

Idk. Small things like this really throw me off but I have a lot of faith in this game. If they fix the running animations (pistols should always be readied, never held in one hand not ready for firing) and give us some biological, human, legs, Sandstorm will be a tremendous achievement.