rank bug

I just lost rank, i was in a game at rank 5 then when the game finished i got "promoted" to rank 3. I've been playing since the closed technical alpha and this is the first time i've seen this happen 😕

"This is the progress wipe that was described in previous posts, to prepare the game for full release. You'll receive 1000 credits + 50% of what you had before, as well as an exclusive beta player tattoo."

this was after the wipe lol. like just now happened. but i realized when i joined another game i was rank 5 again so it wasnt permanent, just a glitch at the end of round screen.

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Looking at scoreboard mid-game, everyone’s rank was 1 but my main menu screen says I’m rank 4 or 5


you've probably joined a custom server where official ranks are not displayed. You also don't gain exp on those servers as far as I know.

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