Throughout my tests my graphics never never dipped (loading screen excluded). CPU only maxed out on boot of game, thats it, stuck around 60%, thanks. I have issues with studdering, can be reduced but still happens. Runs as Admin and useallcores flag

Space bar Problem Navigating over boxes or while standing on boxes the physics are incorrectly applied.
A window wont spacebar prompt me. Ledges take a few tries before i can get over with spacebar prompt. My ping never spiked, playing on regular server

First person look and feel has been captured spot on, i feel like im there in the action. Grenade toss looks strange but i like the physics this way, heaps more accurate.

I can get distracted with Friendlies not showing color intime, friendly fired some dude my first match, am used to this now, pick out the uniforms.

Speaking of Customization of uniforms, Tick, Tick, Tick.

Guns are great, RPG's are a pain to fire but worse is getting one to the face.

I has screencap of CPU, my build and graphics settings i have modified engine.ini fix

0_1544538178653_Engine.doc rename .ini


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