Micro Stuttering

I've been getting a lot of micro stuttering recently and I'm hoping it's getting fixed by launch because I don't want to have to buy an SSD just to play the game. If you guys are fixing it or know how to fix it please help me out.
These are my specs:
CPU: AMD FX-6300
Motherboard: MSI 970 gaming
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1050ti
16gb of ram

I've been getting a lot as well.

Gtx 1080 8gb
Ryzen 5 1600
16gb ram
Rog B350f motherboard

Was able to reduce severity but I get it from time to time, Tried all graphics settings and engine.ini fix. Using 970evo and 1070. Cooled to the max

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The only thing that stutters or vibrates in Sandstorm are the characters ( Bots and Players ) who are crossing the line of sight AND ONLY in Multiplayer games ( online )
Same bots don´t stutter / vibrate when observed in local games.

That stutter seems to be a result of a buggy netcode which prevents smoooth moves.

The rest of the game runs butter smooth with mostly 100 FPS and more on low settings in 1080p ( Full-HD ) resolution for me.

A new SSD will not change the stutter !
But it will speed up your texture loading times by factor 4x - 5x and your server connection times enormous !
When it comes to the decision to buy a SSD or not, you should take into consideration that in 2018 SSD´s are standard and
not only NWI but many other game developers will put them as minimum specs for their games as data is getting bigger and bigger and standard HDD´s take forever to load them.

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