Is it the consols fault?

Now 1 year after release, maybe i get an answer to this. There are a few, but in my eyes, essential downgrades of mudrunner compared to spintires.

  • Single player terrain deformation is no longer persistent. If i save a single player map, and load back in, all terrain deformation i made is gone!? Why was this done!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • The so called advanced and new mud, is worse than the old one? If you compare the old mud with the new one, its a large difference. In spintires the mud had more geometry and more high res. I dont see anything more advanced about it.

  • In the editor, mud "options" or tools for mud are gone. You remove all but one. You can see on the maps the result, its all the same. Why???

People say its the consols fault, you took a PC sim and made it a consol game. But maybe there are different reasons.
If yes, i would like to hear about them.

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I do not know, maybe these things + the possibility of changing wheels etc will come back in MR 2, so they can say that there is something new compared to MR 1 😑
If you count on a response from someone from the developers, forget it. They never answer difficult questions.

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Sadly all this makes Spintires the better sim, maybe not game, in my view.

You have a few more options(wheels), the nicer looking mud and driving is not so incredibly dull like in mud runner, also because the shifter is not so boring in spintires. Shifting to 1+ in ST was fun as you had to develop some muscle memory to do it quick, the shifter in mud runner is casual as can be.
The hood cam is just flat better, you see more of the terrain.

1 year after release it feels like they lost their way. Stuff got bolted onto mud runner that makes little sense(cockpit view, challenges etc), the core gameplay on the other hand feels flat and monotone, since 2014 release, there is nothing, absolutely nothing new, they bring out a handfull of boring maps and some vehicles. Did you look in the workshop or ST mod sites lately? We can have plenty of that,... anytime.

Yes, the old spintires was not well supported, but the token support that is happening now is not better at all, they may as well do nothing, it does not make a difference. Ah well i forgott, the consoles, they have no mods... . Right. Poor fellas.
Sadly spintires was sold out to the highest bider, that are the consol players, that is where the money is at, and it seems they dont want "sim", they want "game" 😞

I rly liked spintires a lot. But mudrunner, man that is a dull affair now. There is talk about mudrunner 2, sadly i see black for it. If they keep the trend they have now, nothing what made ST2014 on PC fun will be in Mudrunner 2. Call me pessimistic but it looks that way.