[Feedback] Necron balancing suggestion

I played Necrons a lot in this Beta phase and in my opinion they need some tweaking regardings balancing.
At the moment there are about one or two possibilities for the Necrons for how they can possibly defeat strong factions like all Eldar, Orks, Imperial Navy or Tau. The first one is spamming Ships with a Starpulse Generator and using the Unstable Pulse Core upgrade. This makes the Starpulse so powerfull, that with 3 or 4 ships with this ability, you can annihilate an entire Fleet in less than a second. This combination is absolutely broken and makes the Necrons totally OP, while the faction itself (without Starpulse abuse) isn´t OP at all in my opinion. The other option is using a lot of Light Cruisers and using the Running Silent stance and shoot then enemy when they can´t see you. When you try something else you will probably loose, because Necrons are in comparison to other factions quite squishy which doesn´t make sense. They have a bit more armor than the other factions but have about the same amount of hull points as the other factions, while all other factions got shields in addition. The Hull Cauterization helps but it is not as powerfull as shields in my opinion.
In my opinion the Starpulse Wave should be nerfed and Necrons should get a few more hull points to make them as tanky as they should be and the weapons could get a little bit more damage. In addition, the Doom Scythes seem to be the weakest fighters in the game, they loose every dogfight against other fighters by far. They could need a bit more health or damage.
I hope my suggestions are not too farfetched and I hope I could help a bit with the balancing of this game.

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A couple other problems is that point for point their DPS (and everything else) is lower than nearly everyone’, the best example being the terrible scythe class cruiser costing more than the imperial apocalypse class battleship. Shields are also larger than most health pools of Necron ships of equivalent cost, and regenerate over thirteen times as fast in some cases. Also, their stances aren’t as good. For example, the imperium gets significantly more armor most of the time due to brace. They are also much less manueverable due to a lack of the maneuver gauge leading to kiting for days, the lack of high energy turn being felt keenly. They getter critter a lot more because they have no shields and have less AP options. The no shields means they suffer immensely to skills like bombs and nova cannon spam (aka admech fleets) and can be lightning striked at all times. They are always outnumbered which means limited options/tactics and all the losses they take due to no shields and all else above hurt a lot. The also tend to get hulled by all the lightning strikes quite often. The worst bit is they usually lose vs ships of the same class no matter the range, such as a cairn vs a demiurg ship up close or a jackal vs an ork escort at 9k. They definitely need some work.

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Lets keep in mind Necron ships aren't even slow in the terms of Lore. They are supposed to be manoeuvrable, but they turn slower than Ork ships it feels like.