[Not a bug] Serious performance problems with GTX1050Ti

When I first started the game it worked well on High video settings with my GTX1050Ti and I had about 30 or 40+ FPS most of the time. When I installed the newest GeForce Game Ready Driver the performance of game went down. Now when I am in battle (no matter how many ships or other things are on the screen at the moment) I get less than 20 FPS most of the time on Medium and Low settings and some times even less than 10 FPS. Is a GTX1050Ti too bad for this game or does this game need some performance improvements?

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Ok wow. I am running a GTX960 and I am stable at 60fps for most of the time...

Hi, it seems like the latest nvidia drivers did cause some issues for some people on every game, including Battlefleet Gothic : Armada II (one of our QA had the same issue). Unfortunately the only fix is to revert to the previous version of the drivers until a fix from nvidia comes. Hope this helps.