Insurgency: Sandstorm releases today!


We're excited to announce that Insurgency: Sandstorm's full release will be available on PC today!

Prepare for battle with the new launch trailer, and then get online at 6pm CET/9am PST for your choice of co-op or competitive, large- or small-scale matches in this fictional, contemporary Middle Eastern conflict.

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Insurgency: Sandstorm is a game of team-based tactics and objective-oriented gameplay complete with player versus player, competitive matchmaking and co-operative game modes versus AI. Your soldier’s appearance, weapons, attachments, armor, and equipment are all up to you. Call in airstrikes, use vehicles with mounted weapons, and equip a wide range of specialist weaponry from grenades to drones to C4 explosives.

Prepare for a hardcore depiction of combat with deadly ballistics, light attack vehicles, destructive artillery, and unprecedented audio design putting the fear back into the genre. Death comes fast, ammunition must be carefully managed, and the environment must be tactically navigated at every step toward victory.


After months of closed beta testing for pre-order players and a successful Open Beta weekend, Insurgency: Sandstorm launches later today with an incredible amount of content for you to enjoy. Future updates will include new maps, vehicles, weapons, and more, all free of charge to avoid splitting the community.

We also invite you to read the latest blog by NWI CEO, Jeremy Blum where he discusses the future of Insurgency: Sandstorm and what you can look forward to as we continue to update the game!

We're excited to announce that Insurgency: Sandstorm's full release will be available on PC today online at 6pm CET/9am PST!

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Congratulations NWI!

My favorite game at the moment!

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True Nwi supporter, have Doi sandstorm old ins but this one is the best

Excellent Game, but still has some extreme flaws. Wish they would have listened to the testers more, but the majority of the older problems did get fixed. However after those fixes came out new ones showed up.

@nightcrawler Yeah I would say it's pretty decent at the moment. But it's like 70% of what it could be. And it could be an EPIC game. But they just need to focus for few months more and listen to the critics and make things happen.

Any information on the Beta Tattoo? Does everyone who played beta get it? Cause I mad want it I've had it pre ordered since June.

Congratulations! I bet you guys had lots of late nights and frustration but the game came out to be amazing
Hope this game is as successful if not more successful then the orginals

Congratulations NWI!!! I knew you guys would deliver the day I heard it announce!

Congrats' !

This is a really badass game, and now my favourite FPS. Thank you, NWI !
Can't wait to see what you're currently working on being added into the game !

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fix the characters glitch.. I cant change my character because It says "I already have the item" and my old character keeps appearing and reappearing

Definitely some problems that still need to be fixed, but this is already a great game. It will be the gold standard of FPS once the kinks are worked out, and if NWI follows their usual pattern, we'll see plenty of updates in the coming months (er, years). Great job dev team--you've produced something really special out there now!

I smashed my skull a week ago and have some internal bleeding just got out of the hospital yesterday haven’t played since the 5th or 6th 😭. Don’t even know if I can just yet too much brain pain! Can’t wait to see what you guys have done.. Game On!

@sangon I would prefer NWI to listen to the players...who will understand/experience the game and nuances. I'm new to the franchise and have played nothing but this since launch. Good work NWI.

When can XBox one expect to see this beautiful gem drop on us?