i lost my status and costumes all but i played 15 hours

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what happens I lost my status all and my costumes but I played 15 hours what happens

Hey there,

This is the progress wipe that was described in previous posts, to prepare the game for full release. You'll receive 1000 credits + 50% of what you had before, as well as an exclusive beta player tattoo.

@iyagovos will stats be reset again on Wednesday? I hope so cause it's still beta play till the 12th.

Nope, that was the only wipe 🙂

I lost all my costumes and statistics after hours of Insurgency... from 1250 points for costumes I only have 250 of them (because I had to re-buy some of my stuff like a pair of gloves and three camos). I'm really disappointed about this and i hope it won't happen again, please do something

As stated above, this is because of the progress wipe.