Torpedoes and other Ordnance - First thoughts

I've played a couple of hours of the beta now, and it is generally very good. However, I really dislike the limit on how many times you can use torpedoes/attack craft/offensive abilities. Factions like the Imperial Navy rely on their torpedoes, as very few ships have prow guns. It seems somewhat unfair to then limit them to only being fired three times per game.

keep in mind that IN get twice that number because they also get melta torpedoes. and letting people un limit that stuff would lead to some super cheese tactics from chaos and tau. i can already cheese super hard using fighters/bombers in merchant fleet. if i could do that indefinitely, that'd be mental

Couldn't agree less, I really really like the hard limit on abilities, removing the ol kite and spam bombers/torps cheese of bfa1.

Also they seem to be considerably more impactful than the last game and it really emphasis waiting for the prime moment and not screwing up the skill shots of a 6 torp barrage.

@flammen_panzer Just saying, but bombers and fighters actually return and give their charge back if they don't get destroyed completely. careful which ships you attack with them and maybe first use fighters to wear down the turrets before you send in the bombers.

And I like how you now really have to look for the right moment to launch your torps. No torpedo walls across the map anymore, thank the God-Emperor. And they do a massive amount of damage if used properly. Just thinking of my Dauntless ambush group...3 Dauntless MK2, running in stealth mode, sneaking up on the enemy flank and then go in and drop their 12 torps in the flank of an enemy battleship! It's glorious!

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I also think that it is better that the charges are limited, haven't seen the terrible torpedo spam from the first game so far.
Generally speaking I like how the ordinance works now, even if it sometimes feels a little to weak. I also have the feeling that point defence turrets are much harder to destroy now compared to the last beta which makes it kinda pointless to send fighters first if they only take out 2 or 3 turrets.

just had flash backs to the SM boarding torpedo spams of the first game.

I'm glad there are limits to ordnance. And I play Tau!