Need Arabic

It sounds lame to speak english. Great game but seriously add arabic, it breaks the immersion. maybe just do whispers - *allah hu ackbar allah hu ackbar - when doing IEDs and then a celebratory ALLAH HU ACKBAR! when you detonate it. I dont find it offensive. I actually find it offensive that its NOT included in the game. You trying to take the piss? What are you gonna say, its a war over resources? The arabs are fighting to protect their oil? Also add "Fuck you Tom Cruise" for me because i need it. GJ on the game. God bless, no homo.

@dopoopoos2-0 They could have added straight Arabic if there weren't conflicts that reflected current events. While it might not be offensive to you, it damn sure can be offensive to others and not just for those on the other "side" of these conflicts. I'm a bit confused towards your logic of thinking its offensive to not include sensitive phrases like that. There are some arabic phrases that are spoken in conjunction with English just to keep a little authenticity.

True , Even if you dont get offended others will and they'll start hating on the game , it sounds best not to add something like that.

Ther are already many lines spoken in I don't know what language it is. On both sides. I think that's enough to make the setting feel real. Making the characters only speak Arabic would confuse most players, because they wouldn't know if he said "Enemy spotted" or "F*** you" without reading the chat.
Oh, and there is a "Allahu akbar, I can't believe you've made it!" or something like that when the last man standing captures a point and respawns all teammates. So the devs don't shy away from using that phrase i guess.