My overall Beta Review/Wish List


I first want to start this off on a positive and say thank you. Thank you for making this game. After the second DLC for Battlefleet Gothic I was chomping at the bit for more and I am glad you went for a complete redesign instead of just milking what you had knowing it couldn't perform the way you wanted it to. I also greatly appreciate your commitment to quality and applaud your holding this title back from its original release date. The game is beautiful and I am having a lot of fun playing it as my favorite faction, the Space Marines. This is, in spite of, them being a little underpowered and lackluster. This brings me to my overall points of this game, as I have played it so far.

  1. Space Marines are not able to go toe to toe with most other factions. This isn't to say I cannot and have not won with them but it is an uphill struggle. I do like their boarding tactics but feel they need to be buffed, a little, along with either their overall damage and armor or shields, armor and health need to be buffed to keep them in the fight long enough for their boarding actions and weapons to really take a toll on the enemy and keep them on an even Keel. They should also have extended boarding range from all other factions as this is their main specialty.

  2. I have observed, once I kill the largest, main Tyranid ship that the other ships seem to all go Mutiny and become uncontrollable by the player. I have not played them but I have fought them and seen this happen many times. I, if I were playing Tyranids, would be highly frustrated by this as I now have to just sit and watch as they tear the remainder of my fleet apart with no chance of me coming back from this loss. I think you intended it to mimic the Synapes function of the tabletop game and I applaud this. I just think it should be a bit lighter of a penalty. Perhaps keep control, ram and basic weapons but no other special functions active to show a more instinctive behavior pattern that the player suffers but can still come back from.

  3. Overall Ship Options. I feel, since you were designing Adeptus Mechanicus and Dark Eldar Ships that you should also have added more variety in the class of ships to other factions, i.e. Space Marines. I know this is not something that can be fixed by launch or overnight but in a future patch or DLC, I would like to see this done.

  4. Necron Star Burst power is a bit much at the moment. I would like to see this ability affect shield greatly but do little armor/hp damage. I think this would keep the ability relevant and not abusive/spammable. It would also give it a more focused/defined roll as a shield reducer and small frigate killer. They could also stand to either be a little tougher or have a little better health regeneration. Otherwise, I really like their play style and aesthetic.

  5. Eldar are, for factions like space marines that rely on targeting/boarding torps, nigh impossible to fight/counter currently due to mostly being un-targetable. Drukari are also a bit over-tuned currently and need to be balanced a little better.

  6. Lastly but not least, other than Chaos there is little difference other than color scheme to the sub factions you pick. I am hoping you have plans by launch to give other sub-factions some special options that fit the flavor/fluff of their lore. Like Raven Guard getting a buff that allows all their ships to run silent ect. for all the main factions, not just Chaos. Even if it is a later patch/DLC.

  7. Please put the Tactical Cogitator function back into Matched Play, please. I liked how it worked in BFG:A 1 and it helps with overall fleet control for those of us who are less micro adept.

  8. I must say this. I love the Deathwatch Sub-faction of Space Marines and would love a choice to play as them or Grey Knights in a future DLC/Patch.

Thank you for your time. I hope you take my suggestions into consideration and I wish you all the success in the world with this game as it is one of my favorites.

1- I agree that space marine feel a little weak right now. For the boarding, I think that every space marine ship who have a front hangar should also be able to send boarding action in front of them and not just on the flank.
Another possibility could be that space marine could be specialized in surgical strike giving them a big critical bonus to damage specific part of the ships. Where the Tyranids are specialized in killing the crews, space marine could be specialized in heavily damaging parts of the ships.

2- Yeah, It's one of their mechanics but they have a perk to make every cruisers a synapse link if they don't go with a heavy build. Didn't really test them so I can't really say if it's enough.

3- True, but it's also a strength of some factions to have a lot a choice.

4- Agree. Star burst feel too powerful and their regeneration feel really weak right now.

5- Scan from escorts in silent run are really important against them but I agree that Drukari, right now, feel a little too powerful especially if you get your escorts focused at the start of the game. Once you lose them it's pretty much "game over" if the ships don't do suicide run into you.

6- It would be a nightmare to balance if every sub faction add special option but I think the Space Marine who have pretty specialized chapters should be one of the faction who could use that.
Like chaos fleet aligned on a god, it's easy to recognize their color scheme and know their specialization from that.