Level Demotion?

I just had leveled up to 19, but instead of awarding xp it took 149k away and demoted me to level 2? Did this happen to anyone else??

Yup, happened to me as well today. In fact, as I was match making, it would jump between giving me xp from level 1 onwards, to bumping me back down to level 1 all over again. And it looks like it's been happening to everyone today (if levels in the score screen are anything to go by).

I have just been demoted from level 63 to level 3, whats the story here pepole, I finished a round, got -1,063,024 points then came back as level 3

Because the game is releasing right around tomorrow. Levels get reset. You get your preorder tattoo and I think half of your cosmetic credits you got while playing the Beta.

@grabbinpeels1 This is correct. You get the pre-order tattoo, and then 1000 credits + 50% of the credit total you had during the pre-order beta.

@stealthy_silv3r Yeah its an anticipated progress reset for those who were in the beta. Don't feel bad though I was only level 110 before jumping back to level 1 a few hours ago.

Oooohh Good to know.
I was going to say where the hell are my items!?!