need more points for 2v2

2v2 matches should have at least 800 points or ships need to be cheaper

I quite like the smaller battles and having to choose between what ships you can bring, but yeah buffing it by 100-200 points would be okay.

Why not give players options for how large battles THEY want to play? You like 400v400, fine. You want to play a huge 2000v2000? No problem.

That so few of you get to the notion that there could be several fleet sizes so that we all can be happy(ier) with the game kind of baffles me really. This is like the fifth thread with the same topic, and the same "in the box" thinking.

because that would be fine for custom games but wouldn't work for automatch ranked because it has to be fixed points. you can't split the playerbase up over a ton of different things because then you'll have a super dead multiplayer community and like 20 minute wait times for a match.

i'm all for custom matches where you can do whatever you want though too