Wasn't sure where to post this but just got out of a game with a hacker. Here is the reply ID fe04eec8-6d7f-421d-bdec-238457e473ac and user name is Frandito Bandito (ez. I recorded a little of the replay if that is needed too.

HAHA xD oh, you're serious? ^^
that's the steam name of the youtuber "sevRAWR187" ^^ Yes, he goes crazy sometimes, but he's not a hacker. He's a great man who finds a lot of bugs and problems of games and makes them public.

He finds bugs sure but he exploits spawns so much so that it's enough to scare off new players... We want a large community. This dudes annoying!

I'll agree the dude is hella annoying but everything i die by him i remind myself to "git gud" he's only human

I remember him. I see him on the other side of the team I just quit because it gets really annoying but he is a great player