i dont like this order for two reasons

  • its the same for all ships
    weather its the tiny swarm of a drone or the much bigger and more biodiverse swarm surrounding a hive ship its always +100 eventho the far larger swarm will start with more variations and more creatures for mutation options
    this makes the skill very strong for a escort but close to worthless for a hiveship or devourer
  • its instant
    where other orders are about planning and reacting to a situation when you are ready to act
    swarm mutation is a instant no planning only reaction speed order

i would prefer it a lot if instead was a order that added a % shield regen to the ship even while getting shot at for a duration
2.5% shield regen for 10 seconds would make it slightly less powerful for escorts but would make it relevant for all other ships and it allows you to activate it when you know you need your shield to stay full instead of having to wait until the macro shells take off exactly 100shieldhp before you spam the button to get half a tick of extra spore damage
it would also be a good representation of tyranid shields not being generator powered that would have to disperse the energy of incoming fire before they can start recharging
it would be the nid ship pumping out more spores irrelevant to weather or not there are incoming shells as that wouldnt have any influence on spore spawning pools

currently this order is unique in how it works
but not in a good way
hope this is changed into a more relevant less apm focused version