Faction / Fleet tier list

What do you all feel is over or underpowered right now? Here are my thoughts:
(factions are listed from strongest to weakest, left to right)

  • Top: reload + kin-crewed battery drukhari
  • High: macro craftworld torpedo cruisers, archeron lance chaos, traktor orks with slowing zzaps / big red button upgrades / invisibility
  • Mid: crit auxiliary protector tau, grand cruiser imperials, 2x damage starpulse necrons, merchant tau, nova-spam admech
  • Low: carrier tyrannids, voidstalker corsairs
  • Bottom: [necrons without star pulse], spess marines


  • Tyrannids would be a lot more balanced if maps weren't bugged to have barely any asteroids/nebulae. Pure carrier nids would be less overwhelming while a lot of other nid options would become more viable, which should put them in mid tier.
  • Several factions (chaos, IN, admech, SM) can do a pure LC + escort capping-focused fleet that's probably low-mid tier. Tragically the SM one doesn't really work right now because overpowered scuttle damage kills them all, cementing SM's position in the garbage can.
  • I'm assuming the players are fairly experienced with their fleet for this comparison, and know how to brace / kite away from carriers, or how to keep their craftworld eldar safely orbiting at 13.5k.

I'll edit this based on feedback.

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i would agree with that for the most part all tho even with more nebs and asts nids would still likely be in the low category until said scuttle nonsense is taken care of.

Ye this is pretty much my take too. Maybe DE should still be top though. They may have lost 270 degree firing but 42 homing dps is still insane

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Nid pure carrier fleet is anti battleship build.
They are probably the only faction that can overwhelming all-braced defensive turrets and seven squadrons of boarding craft will decimate crews even the heaviest enemy ship.

  • Don't forget to bring tentacle escort to de-crew regained enemy ship.
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Eh that nid setup has no damage outside of the strike craft and you can make him waste a alot of charges with good micro. I also think maybe cw should be a tier of their own as they are now I dunno.

I haven't figured out how to play Protector fleet.
Their gun damage is dismal and inaccurate, bombers are not working properly, ships are costly and quite slow even with an experimental manifold upgrade.

Overpriced cruiser build didn't work. So few ships, only two launch bay per ships.
Gun line Light cruiser focused build didn't work either. Even with kauyon tactics, their actual DPS is too low to be feasible.
Custodian build is better than the last two, but remotely good.

One thing I haven't tried is an escort fleet. It seems protector fleet is good at escort fight due to their seeker missiles.

Personaly i main necrons and i want to say they can be counted as High in the list with double starpulse IF you know what you doing. My 8 to 1 winrate as starpulse necrons speaks for this. Problem is what its only thing they can do and good player know how to counter.

Also dunno why tau rated so lau, their amount of dmg is still complete bs if you ask me.

starpulse necrons are not high. They are easily countered if the enemy knows what he is doing though they do hard counter close range bottom heavy builds. I have a 70+ to 5 winrate with IN, that doesn't mean shit because most players are new and not very mechanically skilled.

protector tau can do crit-builds even better than the old lance-chaos from bfg1. take some demirug as your anchor and fill out the rest of your fleet for pure weapons damage (raw dps, ignore AP and skill based damage like torps). mark your targets and see how fast they lose subsystems. they are easily top-tier.

edit: merchant tau don't have the warfare trait to do the same stuff.

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I'll need to try vs that I guess because I have had 0 issue with protector tau.

Mont'ka seems working fantastic.
Screw kau'yon.

protector have awful dps for their price though and the ordnance is easily dodged, I'm game to run my IN vs it if you're running it to give it a test Fosil because it sounds interesting.

@BrohanBroski add me on steam and we can do that. I have not finalized a built yet, I am undecided between kroots balls vs demiurg as anchors and how many escorts and LCs to take.

I think the tier list is pretty right on.

Some disclaimers to it are:
*Orkz without Traktors might be lower; they're still great value overall, but not as strong.
*All Eldar can drop dramatically on the tier depending on player skill, which makes them a pain to balance.
*Necrons without a completely broken Star Pulse drop to the same tier as SM.
*Launch bay spam might turn out to be a problem with Orkz and Nids especially; which might increase their tier ranking considerably.
*Ad-Mech also being one of those factions that scales up and down with how much you hit with Nova Cannons.

We need to test Tau more heavily I feel, they're a pretty underplayed faction currently and needs more skilled players focusing on them.

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Doesn't player skill apply to every faction though?

@brohanbroski said in Faction / Fleet tier list:

Doesn't player skill apply to every faction though?

Absolutely, but the margin of error that results in a loss is much higher in Eldar than other factions. This is great, and the design makes sense for the faction, but it also results in a lot of polarizing opinions when it comes to balance. They are simply allowed less mistakes in a game; especially in boarding (getting boarded), ramming (getting rammed by nearly anything not a frigate is death), and much more susceptible to crits that manage to get through (gens for no holos, and engines for no sail burst).

The skill gap is also dramatically higher and so is the micro and control to play the faction effectively compared to others. This is by design, but when it comes to balance (270 degree firing arcs aside), changes can quickly go from making the faction top tier in the hands of a good player to low tier. I would say that out of all the factions on this tier list, the adjustments for Eldar have to be very small comparatively.

When talking about interfaction balance in previous betas we always took it as a given that the players were comparably skilled.

Nid tentacle hive ships feel pretty good right now. Brohan and I were running 4 of them and two escorts in 2v2 and they seemed to have no problem hulking everything. Don't think they would hold up at all to 2 strong lance chaos players though.

Will need to try more in 1v1 too

@brohanbroski said in Faction / Fleet tier list:

When talking about interfaction balance in previous betas we always took it as a given that the players were comparably skilled.

Right, but saying that the margin of error on Eldar is higher than other factions, or that it takes more to control the faction are just facts, independent from player skill. If both players have similar skill, it doesn't change the fact that Eldar factions are still more risky to play.

It was a design choice to make the faction high-risk, high-reward, but right now I think they're overperforming (CW specifically) because their risks are lower due to them being able to kite constantly at 270. Eldar are designed to be prow monsters with 90 degree firing arcs. 90 degree from the prow specifically means that the Eldar is now putting his ship at risk in order to deal damage.

Although, the near instant-boarding and hulking caused by some other factions is questionable. In general, I have problems with the boarding mechanics in this game, but that's another story for another time.

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