Post Match summary "Experience Gained" seems completely meaningless

First, I know release is in two days and this stands exactly zero chance of making it into the release if not already addressed.

Second, I acknowledge that maybe I just don't understand what's going on but, if that's the case, it indicates ambiguity in how the XP data is presented to the user.

That said, the "Experience Gained" value on the Post Match summary screen is meaningless. Either I don't understand what's going on as a result of poor presentation or the calculations are simply incorrect. It seems that the sum of the starting XP displayed on the XP progress bar and the XP displayed under "Experience Gained" should equal the XP displayed in the progress bar after all the calculations are finished. That is not the case, though.

Here is an example, recorded today, of what I mean:

Youtube Video

@skillet This is definitely a known issue. At least, it's been an issue for some time.

Trust the "Experience Gained" number over the 20k exp bar graph as the bar graph is often inaccurate.

Noticed it because sometime Il be close to a rank lets say 4 in post summary but when i go to profile im rank 4 even tho post summary said I was almost there.

Also noticed while playing it said I was rank 8 once meanwhile after the match i noticed im rank 6 still which is the correct number