The game clearly needs more optimization!
The Crossing map, in early beta, achieved max 60fps with most configs to medium in my system, now it reaches a peak of 77fps with configs on very high! (my rig is core i56600k, Rx480 8Gb, 16Gb DDR4 ram).
On the other maps I'm getting a max peak of about 60fps or less.
Crossing was the map with worse performance and now its the best one!

Since the start of open beta I was using a config like this: Texture and foliage set to High, other settings set to medium, blur and other things set off.
Today I made some tests and situation is very different!
If I set everything to medium or if I set every to very high the performance difference is at max 10fps! So I thought is not my vga limiting the fps at this moment. I thought it could be my processor so I ran MSI Afterburner and my processor reaches a peak of 69% usage at rare moments, most of time its about 50%.

The present performance limitation seems not been caused by any of my hardware but something intrinsically inside the game. its the lack o optimization I think.

Based on what happened to Crossing map, I think with a bit more optimization the game will reach the target we want! It seems to me that even a Rx480 can reach close to 80fps with everything at max when this game is fully optimized!

As the release is scheduled to next 12, I think we can get a good patch this week!

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