bomber and assault boat behavior is currently a big problem making them very bad making all balance descussions about damage and crew damage fairly irrelevant because its almost impossible to truly judge their values when a single scythe interceptor squad can completely stop 17 assault boat squads for long enough for defensive fire to kill them without even needing to move away, true they where eventually able to kill all the scythes, but they didnt land any troops
they did the wrong job

and its not the stats that are the problem, its purely how assault boats and bombers behave
the thing is that currently they are more aggressive in hunting enemy ordnance then interceptors
they get stuck in dogfights where they should instead try to get past, trying to dodge interceptors as they go for the bombing run instead
bombers are supposed to have tailguns for fighting enemy ordnance and interceptors instead of completely forgetting their mission so they can go chase them
they should fire on them in passing but not divert except for trying to do some dodges

if you change ordnance behavior so they actually do their job instead of getting distracted at the first opportunity the entire launch bay game would change

interceptors would probably need higher succes chance
but it would also be interesting to have a dodge chance and speed to every craft
for example ork assult boats could have high tankyness and not slow down to dodge at all but no dodge chanse
giving enemy turrts and interceptors good chanse to shoot them but less time
this would also let interceptors prioritize enemy bombers over interceptors clearing turrets, but in doing so they would lose their dodge chanse in the dogfight vs enemy interceptors
could also give nid assault boats good dodge chanse, and no slow down to dodge but no tailguns for defensive fire combined with their innate slow speed

but im rambling ideas now that are probably too complicated
so ignore
what you shouldnt ignore is the behavior problem ordnance now have making it worthless as soon as the enemy shows the slightest bit of resistance
bombers are for bombing, not chasing and dogfighting interceptors
please let them put the mission first, this will change the ordnance game completely