USA mutator

has anyone else noticed this?? i haven't gone thru all the tools to see what it changes. the look is pretty nice.. _RUFUS
0_1544467031454_usa mutator.JPG
0_1544467324182_usa mutator2.JPG
0_1544468740589_usa mutator3.JPG

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I didn't even think to try that in mutators, that's pretty cool. I do wonder how they're made.

As far as I know, it's the same as the AUT (Autumn) mutator in that it only changes the color palette. Right?

Hi picsoul, this looks more like summer trees ?? i think.. _RUFUS

yeah the mutators only change some of the textures and models

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I hate this mutator. It ruins the graphic of the game by making it look oversaturated with color, which this game engine was never designed for. Makes it look like a cheapo game from 2010 imo.

@roughrider I turned it off . i was just not right...