It seems to me,
that currently some factions have a bigger advantage from having hangars and/or torpedoes than others: they get more shots.

Imperial Navy:
Has two torpedo types: regular, and 'fire' melta torps.
Orks have regular, and boarding.

But: after having launched all 'regulars', and no more seem to be available..
it seems to me like I can still shoot torps of the second type. (.. is this intentional?).

Effectively giving certain factions twice the number of torpedo ordnance.

Balancing suggestion:
if the faction with 2 torpedo types, gets 3 launches of each,
then give the faction(/ships) with only a single type, an extra.
If 2 torp types gives 4 launches of each (suggested balance level), give the 'single torp' faction, 6 launches.
instead of only having 1/2 the torp number, you get 2/3.

same with hangar counts :
I think you get a fixed number of fighters, bombers, and assault squadrons, divided. In short: if you run out of bombers, but also have assault boats, you can swap. if not, though.
So, similar approach.
Having bombers & fighters= you're at 2/3rd hangar capacity.
increase it to 3/4th.
Assuming 4 launches of each if you have all three types-> 12 total.
12 x 3/4= 9. Probably an extra bomber squadron.

Ork Roks:
I really don't know how to properly counter these, with a Macro + Lance chaos fleet.
Honestly: I would suggest lowering the armor of all Ork Roks; from 83 to 67.
This is asteroid rock surface essentially. Macro cannons should do tons of damage to it.

Necron starpulse: should not auto-destroy torps & assault squadrons, AND deal massive damage; make it work like a volley of turret fire or something.
the +100% dmg upgrade should be limited to flagship only at least also.

without massive boarding, can feel weak.
With boarding, they don't always kill; just.. neutralize ship.