Consistent bullet penetration

I would love to see the bullets penetrate different materials in a more consistent matter.

I have seen wall and other had materials being pierced like butter but furniture and items that should NOT be able to stop bullets holding up like an armored truck.

Either the bullets reasonably go through cover/concealment or they don't, but having some irrationally bulletproof home furnishings around the maps makes no sense.

i recently having the same issues as well. I can't penetrate through a front glass window of an MG-mounted car in Farmhouse map. Was using SKS though,

@dablake I think this might be a game mechanic. the glass on the vehicles is bulletproof for a few rounds and then shatters. Maybe they didn't want to deal with bullet trajectory calculations after going through glass and the survivability of a civilian truck would be none if they had not toughened up the glass.