Give us Squads (like the original INS2014)

As the title says.

Please give us the two different squads like in the original game. It makes coordinating defenses and attacks more accessible and it promotes better team play.

not true at all
having two squads just made the game more messy without adding anything worthwhile

@ne3zy ALthough i understand that it could get messier since it requires a little bit of team play, I disagree with you.

Having two squads would allow to separate the team into two groups with very different objectives if needed. Not everything needs to be watered down and simplified all the time.

@snakelegionnaire If you played insurgency you know very well people didn't care about the squad leader.
EDIT: You should also know that people played as Specialist (squad leader) for the weapons and attachments you got.

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@ne3zy I agree that most people used the SL role for the attachments ( I know i did!).

I have run into the issue of not being able to properly coordinate a team because, pretty much everyone is clumped together and there's no easy way of doing it.

Maybe creating two squads is not the solution and there is another way to allow for teams to self organize themselves if they so wish to. this game has the potential to be an amazing game if you just add another layer of dept.

@snakelegionnaire : You are definitely on to something. Two squads was a cool feature in Insurgency2014, and it doesnt sound like the big programming challenge to divide team in two colours (only in scoreboard/text) and maybe do a comm channel divide to stimulate it a bit.

As @ne3zy says, I agree that 95% of games was played only for guns, and colour difference served no purpose in those cases, still I played/joined matches in Ins2 where we organized teams with this feature, and lets say in pvp when you have to destroy A or B, it would be way too much to separate teams manually without any ingame support mechanic - At least in pugs, as I don't regularly hang out with 15 friends in Insurgency to play a pvp match=)

Its so weird when a sequel game drops viable features from the predecessor like this.

Please don't make a discussion out of this thread,just say pros and cons, stuff like that if you wanna reply in a constructive way, saying it is not true is putting on blinders, as that would be a strongly subjective experience, as anyone playing tactical or having any organizing experience whatsoever in life would know this feature is convenient when playing with a team that wants to communicate and would stimulate teamplay - It is so obvious I guarantee you that you are unsuited for any leadership job in real life if you don't get it if you are mature, or just very young and will understand in time. - > Just setting it at an edge here, as comments in this thread was probably based on what actually happens in game most cases.

EDIT: You can even program in a preferred colour, still minimal work that would nullify any inconvenience such a feature would feel like, while still bringing vital tactical features in the game.

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@pacalis I hate to say it but ii'd love to see a commander role like BF2's.. someone that can direct different squads into different tasks for the map with a squad leader for boots on ground decision making. It wouldn't need to be that advanced either because the scope of the maps are so much smaller, but i'd would be amazing.