Forum feedback/subcategories

Could we get some additional subcategories added to the forum? Starting to see a lot of similar threads in the "General Discussion" subcategory, and overall this category is getting a bit cluttered and hard to track - we're seeing "faction feedback", "mechanic clarification", and "XX strategy OP" threads all in this subcategory at the moment.

I want this game/community to be as successful as posdible, and i think a well run and organized forum is key to that goal 🙂

I think it would be very helpful to create the following additional subcategories to clean things up a bit and classify discussion more meaningfully:

Balance Feedback - this subcategory could be used for serious discussion on mechanics. The post quality should be higher (with examples and full explanations), and discussion should be focused on PvP balance. It would be great if we could also create "megathreads" for each of the factions and main game mechanics (troops, ordnance, morale, etc) to further centralize feedback and discussion. Would also love to see the devs chime in a post clarification on mechanics/stats.

Strategy discussion - this subcategory could be used for players to present strategies that they have found or encountered, and host discussion on how to counter different builds or playstyles. Content can be less formal, and this would be a good place for newer players to learn the meta and proper counterplay.

Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any ideas for other subcategories!!

Separate forums for each faction might help as well, given how many there are this should help with clutter. A good start though.