Boarding torpedoes not launching

I was playing as a Space Marine (Space Wolves subfaction) and fired my boarding torpedoes, yet it seems they failed to launch at all, nevertheless the skill went into cooldown.

U sure they were not shot down at the first moment of launch? If you try to launch while in kissing range with enemy ships it may happen.

I am not saying it is not possible, but I launched from 3 different ships. Didnt even see a glimpse or a small explosion from an exploded torpedo

I also have noticed that some of the time (half or more) that I fire Regular Torpedoes (Imperial or Space Marine Factions), the SFX and Cooldown and Ammunition expenditure trigger, but there's no visual of the torpedoes and the projectiles don't seem to be on the game board.

These were fired at the start of the round, outside the range of turrets and minimum range.