Torpedo bug

I noticed this first as IN, but have also seen this occur as other factions such as orks and SM.

It seems to be random (no specific trigger that i have been able to identify), but sometimes after using torpedos, once they come off cooldown they are no longer usable. I still have charges left, and do not have any weapons destroyed, but the ability button is greyed out and i cannot use them again for the rest of the match 😞

Really frustrating and makes a lot of the IN ships a lot less useful.

Has anyone else run into this? Ill try to grab screenshots if possible.

Hello, I am experiencing this as well, it seems to be on the first volley, and seems to happen when I have multiple ships selected. For example I run 5 strike cruisers and a few hunter escorts , if I fire all the torps ( both boarding and normal) while selecting the 5 ships it tends to happen. I have not yet tested cancelling orders to see if that does anything, but yeah full functioning ships, no damage, stuck with 2 charges in the gray .

Hey @crewfinity
Thanks for reporting this, it's been forwarded to the team.