Good day! I am here to bring you some UX user-stories regarding the new UI.

  1. The adjustable ship formation spacing felt very awkward to use.
    I expected to use it to position my ships not only in advance, but also in the middle of combat, and so i expected there would be no difference in right click drag mechanics with one ship or with multiple ships, like some other strategies do it.

The current state of the function is underwhelming because my expectations of ship direction being preserved between quick right click and right click drag were not met.

I believe my experience would improve if instead of ships being put in a line from point where you click to the point where you drag, ships would position themselves in a formation to the left and to the right of the point where you click, facing in the direction where you drag - with the formation distance increasing the futher the cursor is moved.

I also believe that if this spacing is preserved for quick right-click commands, it might make for a more consistent experience.

  1. Character portraits
    As a returning player from bfga 1, i was looking for some way to add personality to my admiral and my fleet. The portaits seemed like a good option. However, i have found them not really convinient because the last chosen portrait is not automatically reselected every time i select a subfaction.
    I expected the (admiral) customization options to persist between matches or game restarts, but they didnt.

  2. Ork Gunz description
    As a player looking to optimize my fleet selection, i found myself browsing different weapons and looking at their stats.
    The description of gunz seemed somewhat hard to understand, as it gives you the value common for other guns, number of attacks, but then in the special properties description specifies that the weapon can deal 1 - 3 attacks as per random. This seemed to make sense until i read that on a weapon with 4 gunz (gunz battery). 1-3 attacks on a 4 attack weapon seemed like the description was conrtadicting itself (or just was not that descriptive)

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