After seeing Space Marines and Necrons melted against macrocannons despite their massive 83 armour all around I have decided to make some test to see if armour works properly, heres what I have found :

  • I shoot with a Chaos Hellbringer (no upgrade, no stance) against a SM ship. This sip has 2 macro-turret that shoot 3 missiles dealing 9 damage each. Against the shield no problem each hitting shot deals 9 damage as expected but then things got weird.
    In theory with that massive 83 armour each shot would have only dealt 17 % of its damage ie 1,53 damage, the SM ship was bracing for impact so 25 % less damage taken which brings us to a shot dealing only 1.1 damage and that what I got... mostly. While some shot only did 1 damage as expected a not insignificant portion did 7 damage, that's 7 times more !
    -I run another test with Craftworld Eldar against Necron and same result, some salvo(4 shots each) that would have done at max 25 damage(5-6 per shot) were doing much more (around 65-70 damage).

After those tests I decided to see if armour mitigated ram damage and the short answer is no. I ram an Imperial Cruiser in the side(1600 HP, 67armour) with a Eldar Corsair Light Cruiser (800 Hp, 50 armour) and a Cruiser (1200 HP, 50 armour) and with a SM LC (800 HP, 83 armour) and Cruiser (1200 HP, 83 armour). The result was no different (in fact due to speed Eldar did more damage than SM and took a bit less).

I hope you can fix this bug because some factions (especially SM and Necron) rely on their armour to soak up damage and should not melt against long-range macrobatteries barrage or being so vulnerable to ram as they are now.