General feedback

I've been an Insurgency / Day of Infamy player for a while - not that that gives me a more worthy expertise or anything, I'm just saying that to point out I'm not some Battlefield player looking for a different experience.

So onto the feedback:

First and foremost, there is the performance. I didn't expect to run this game on full details at 1440p with my R9 290 (and 2700X with 16 GB of 3200Mhz memory), but I didn't expect having to resort to medium-low details and 1080p just to struggle to maintain 60 FPS. And PiP scopes are a real FPS killer.
Speaking of which - the "normal" zooming has a notable competitive advantage - since the surroundings of the screen are just a little blurred, you can still use it to spot people. I was spectating this sharpshooter bloke who kept getting hit from some built up area - I could clearly see the opponent in the blur outside of the scope, but the sniper didn't - because he was using PiP zooming (which, by the way, I've loved ever since). I suppose it gives a better outlook on near to medium distance, but it's not very useful when trying to pick off. So basically, I'd either like to see "normal" zoom blacked out outside of the scope.
Command console. Surely Unreal Engine allows command consoles for players? All games should have it as far as I'm concerned, but if a series did have it and then gets rid of it, it's even worse.

Then there are minor things, like the number of voices... or a problem present in DoI, too - commanders don't get pushed to do commander stuff enough. About a half of the games I've played during this weekend (the ones where there was a commander to begin with anyway), the commanders were just running around and shooting people. I'm sure this will get better when the game builds it a proper playerbase, but then again, this also happens in DoI.

And I was quite offended to find the L85 under "exotic" firearms since it's a standard issues as far as I'm concerned, but I suppose Americans might have a different viewpoint on this 🙂

The problem with nerfing the single-render scope is that it's the option that performs better. If a graphics setting gives a competitive advantage, the advantage should go to the lower setting. Otherwise, it compounds advantage people get for having better PCs, and forces people to play with poor FPS in order to not be at a disadvantage.