I don't even care if its the closest thing we have to a CQC map. The map is flawed in too many ways.

The map is too big for an urban CQC environment. I'm running through way too many buildings that serve no purpose other than to allow somebody the possibility of spawn camping. The great thing about it being a possibility is that I have to waste my time accounting for just that, and then I feel like an idiot for the four out of five times nobody is there, but feel even worse when the guy camping our spawn still has the advantage fighting me because of every other reason on this list.

It's totally unorganized. This map forces defensive play and camping. To do anything else is to waste your spawn. There are far too many places for players to hide and wait, and then get a kill due to the game's short time to kill (I am in favor of the short time to kill). There is no ergonomic design to this map. This might be something I can overlook if the map wasn't flooded with buildings that don't need to be there.

It's painful to even look at. I'm not sure if this one is just me, but the sun reflecting off of all these buildings so close to my character is bright enough to make it difficult to spot enemies. This increases the advantage of defensive play, and it gives me a throbbing headache to be anywhere outside. Honestly, the game looks awesome, but this is still an issue.

There isn't a reasonable way to tactically clear this map and cover your own ass. There are just too many sight-lines you have to account for at any given time. It doesn't end. There is no relief to how many places you can get shot from if you decide not to sit in your one spot and be part of the problem. This map is a deadly maze with no logical flow to it.

I don't want to play a camping simulator. I want to play a tactical shooter. Balancing a map to greatly benefit a defensive play-style detracts from the fun of playing a game. Any game where defensive play is top tier is generally regarded as a boring or frustrating game. For those who play 2D fighting games, this map is like playing a mid-tier Grappler against an S-tier Zoner.

I won't be touching this map again in its current state. I know you can do better, and I know you will do better in the future.