Bot Grenade spam is absurd

It's just insane the number and accuracy of grenades thrown by the bots in this game. Seems like a good 1/3 of my deaths are from grenades I have absolutely no way of avoiding because the bots can perfectly throw and cook these frag grenades without any error, and without line of sight requirement through any window, doorway, or open vertical space. It's worse than the heat-seeking molotovs from the first game because those were at least partially avoidable or escapeable.

I'm finding it difficult to continue enjoying this game when I constantly die from grenades which I have no hope of avoiding or anticipating. There's no tactics to not getting killed by the bot grenades. If there's any possible avenue for a bot to throw a grenade at you they're going to find it, and because they can cook the grenades to absolutely perfect timing we have no way of running from them. I just don't see how getting killed like this is fun or fair, especially because we as players cannot cook the grenades ourselves which makes them next to useless against the bots who have perfect reaction times to run away from the explosions.

This game is already exceedingly difficult compared to the first one against bots, and these grenades just make it that much more frustrating to play. It's a shame because there's a LOT going for this game and I really enjoy the core gameplay. I have 32 hours in Sandstorm from preordering it and close to 600 in the original game so I'm not some angry freebie player who jumped on to rant after 30 minutes of getting my butt kicked.

Personally I think they've nerfed grenades so much this patch they're almost a nonfactor, I'd like to see more. Some of the people I play with are having major issues though, it appears having a good headset so you can identify where it is and react in time makes a profound difference.

You can cook the grenades, hold Mouse1 to prepare a throw, tap Mouse2 to release the spoon, release Mouse1 to throw.

@whitby I've still seen some pretty weird stuff. One bot actually threw a Molotov almost 90 degrees straight into the air, and then proceeded to waste the guy who hadn't moved with the Molotov about ten seconds later lmao. Talk about a yeet.

Yeah, the heat seeking frags and molotovs are back and just as annoying. I can't even use the throwback mechanic on the bots because the grenades are almost always perfectly cooked.

The bots might as well play in the MLB.