Some bugs and game experience report

Awesome sounds! Gives good immersion.

The game needs a lot of optimization. With a very decent PC, I can barely keep 100fps at medium settings.
i5 6600K, 16GB RAM, W10-64bits, GTX 1070 with recommended drivers 378.92

Bugs noticed:
-Overall laggy game experience
-Transparent enemies (we see their vest and guns, but no character)
-In the menus, the scrolling items are a bit buggy. Enabled items are not shown. Highlighted items are showing the wrong item on the character.
-Driver pick-ups is really harsh. Some input smoothing and vehicle physics update could help a lot.

Awesome sounds, but need more difference beetween the render of internal and external footsteps (volume, reverb and frequency to improve), and same thing between the steps sound of differents floors.
My best experience in this sound rendering is CS:GO Danger Zone ( battleroyal like).

Laggy :

  • in different servers, but not all the time, i experienced strange laggs... like 2 frames repeating all 5 seconds... very very annoying, especially when running. i had to quit the server and reconnect....

laggy too when i change the point of view : switching binocular, or switching scope, or gaz mask, or with all important mouvement of the view. I had to go to medium graphic settings to be acceptable. ( Win 10 64bits + i5 2500k + R9 290 + 12Go Ram).

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Yeah your frame rate is really dependant on the CPU its CPU intensive.