Kicked from server: Anti-Cheat Authentication timed out (1/2)

Kicked from server: Anti-Cheat Authentication timed out (1/2)

After 1-2 minutes in every match I join I get a black screen with this message (screenshot below). This has only started happening today (Dec 9 2018) after downloading the 410 MB update from a couple days ago. I have only attempted co-op matches so far. I've been playing since the first public beta phase and this is the first time I've encountered a blocking bug at all. Could this be an issue on EAC's side? Thanks for any help!

Troubleshooting steps taken so far:

  • resetted the game
  • resetted my PC
  • double checked the programs running concurrently... nothing out of the ordinary
  • I am certainly not cheating either. My stats are shit but it's honorable shit

alt text

Please visit this website for troubleshooting with Easy Anti Cheat:

Additionally, if you have for whatever reason put "-noeac" as a launch parameter then please remove it.