Bugs and Observations - 2v2 matchmaking broken +


I love that this has been brought to the PC, BFGA1 was a great breath of life and has the potential to be a competitive game.

I'm posting now because I just attempted to do a 2v2 six times in a row and each time the game loaded with an instant loss/win.

Clearly something can be improved with the matchmaking to make it more reliable.

Having player loading progress bars is another common thing that's missing.


I personally hate that we cannot customize per ship anymore.

There needs to be much better keybinding support.

The UI in both games are fairly barebones. Overall the UI in BFGA1 is more favorable.

Presently it's hard to distinguish abilities, and I feel the bar at the bottom takes up more view than needed.

I would have rather seen per-ship customizations than extra eldar/tau variants.

Hopefully the victory points mission is not the only one to be in the game. It's a much better mission, but there should be more.

In the matches that do work, I have noticed a lack of environment spawns.


I've seen memory usage as high as 7gb


first point happened to me too and they said it probalby is something about desync or connection-failure. Hope they'll fix that. But your're not alone on that ;). Ship custimization, yeah miss that a lot too, but i can also understand the argument, that it's very hard/ to nearly impossible to balance with overall customized fleets.
UI, same for me here, I sometimes need to search for special abilities, which is kind of a problem in the middle of a fight. I miss the automatic trigger function via right clicking on a ability like boarding from BFG1. That was very helpful, hope they bring it back.
Memory-usage was kinda high but not 7gb on my side. Not sure if it is an issue.