Possible Assault Critical?

What do we think of having heavy criticals caused by assaults do some damage to a ships hull that bypasses armor? Could represent an Astartes tactical squad detonating a bomb on board an enemy ship or an ammunition magazine detonating. What do we think of assault being more rewarding hull damage wise?

It already gets guaranteed crits each troop layer, they could add hull damage to each layer too.

hull damage will have very minimal relevance
it needs all kinds of buffs
but i think its easiest and best to just increase the relevance of crew
if being on skeleton crew massively hurts firingrate boarding would have more use then a single crit and the opportunity to make a suicide bomb next to your ship
it would make marines more viable and would better represent 40k, the galaxy that loads its house sized shells by hand

Heavy crits (I assume you mean pernament ones?) are already a pretty big factor for a ship.

-A battleship that suddenly doesent have shields anymore loses a lot of its durability.
-Likewise halving speed (I think it was half speed?) and not beeing able to use speed boosts can also be pretty devastating for a ship in a fleet action. If I needs to move, it cant and it will get bogged down and destroyed.
-Not beeing able to give a ship orders or use its abilities is pretty devastating. Even more so on a flagship. It cant rally its allies anymore or use its teleport and such.
-Weapon damage is I think the only one thats not that big of an impact as the other ones are. But im not sure if those can happen as part of the perma crit stage?

Also assaults tend to target crew and sub systems more generally then they do the hull. But in the tabletop (and the previous game) you had the bulkhead collapse crit which did a HUGE chunk of damage to a ship. I dont think ive seen that one return yet? Might be a good idea to keep it in.

easier, faster and more reliable to do with lances
its already a lot weaker then just shooting
a craftworld eldar will usually wreck 4 systems in 30 seconds and can do so forever

Not all factions have easy acces to lances though...

did you notice i mentioned craftworld eldar too?
macros, lances , same thing
and no, all factions have some lances

I said easy acces to lances. I never said they dont have lances at all.

Thanks for the discussion. I feel something is needed. In particular I agree that crew level should be more significant.

I like the thematic idea of a boarding party planting explosives somewhere to damage the ship.

Assaults are pretty useful late game, knocking out a battleships engines then parking behind it is not to be underestimated.

@mystic_taboo i think if you did something about scuttle and nerfed the turret buff brace gives assault actions would be in a good place atm.

there's an ork ability which gives you 5 damage points for boarding but ehh not really worth it.